This cow is from Budapest if I am not mistaken but there were many similar ones in Toronto steaming this week. It was sooooo hot! I referred to myself on at least one occasion as a melting Popsicle. Why????? because I was sticky, sweaty, and very un-treat-like (don't really have a comparison for the stick up the backside-although I had the opportunity to gaze upon at least one commuter that acted as such but I would credit their randomness and irritability to the weather outside) Sooo hot to say the least!

But now we weekend and make our way back into blog land.

I assumed that after returning to work in May I would get into a "regular swing of things" come back, be functional and relatively scheduable? But guess what...can't do it...At times I feel like between work, kids, extra curricular activities and moonlighting...being a parent is the most challenging role in the world if you are committed to giving it your all!

All this craziness and running around at times like a chicken with my head cut offness is growing on me and as I continue to grow with my family I am convinced that some of our experiences are worth sharing (even if it is only for you Mom!).

This summer has been quite the trip so far but it is just about to get hotter and more action packed because Myles, Aidan and their Mom have decided such...so here we go....again!

Thanks for coming back and forgiving my tardiness!



  1. Welcome back! Worth the wait!

  2. Glad you are back lady! Kept checking up and glad to finally see your thoughts on screen again! Always a joy!! Love ya!