This cow is from Budapest if I am not mistaken but there were many similar ones in Toronto steaming this week. It was sooooo hot! I referred to myself on at least one occasion as a melting Popsicle. Why????? because I was sticky, sweaty, and very un-treat-like (don't really have a comparison for the stick up the backside-although I had the opportunity to gaze upon at least one commuter that acted as such but I would credit their randomness and irritability to the weather outside) Sooo hot to say the least!

But now we weekend and make our way back into blog land.

I assumed that after returning to work in May I would get into a "regular swing of things" come back, be functional and relatively scheduable? But guess what...can't do it...At times I feel like between work, kids, extra curricular activities and moonlighting...being a parent is the most challenging role in the world if you are committed to giving it your all!