SO I have been trying to enjoy my hiatus but......I need to write....Like really!

I experienced an extremely stressful situation this week and I almost internalized the whole altercation and then I decided to tweet...Not for anybody to read just so I could get it off my chest! (Also a bit alarmed it is easier in my house to find an online electrical gadget than it is to find a pen and paper????

my tweet:
#parenting its my job as a parent to get on you in public if I see you blatantly disrespecting any of my children whether they came from me or not!

I won't get into what happened or who I was totally cheesed at (it still gets me pretty hot to just think about it!) but saying it aloud helped me to breathe.

Because of the nature of my expression in the previous tweet I had to post it with "Twit Longer"

Other tweets that followed that day:

Just about reached my boiling point-now what to do with all this hot water?
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@iamliya making some tea....
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Writing-this should keep me busy for a while-PEACE!
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I have realized and looking back over my life at least since the time I had been introduced to wax, lead and ink...literacy has meant a great deal to me. Because of my recent embrace of Twitter, I played with the idea of being addicted to social media...but that's not it. Writing is a means of communication, therapy(?) maybe best said over the past 25 years it has become quite the creative outlet and a kind of salvation to me----Let me explain using my experience briefly through the Scarborough Board of Education now known as the TDSB. ;)

When I was younger like kindergartenish it was printing captions on my scribbles (strangely I could read and print before I could draw a cloud ;))

Grade 1-3 my favourites were spelling dictations, comprehension activities and reading groups. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reading out loud even if no one is listening.)

Grade 4:
I remember my sweet teacher Mrs. Leblanc doing this intriguing dictionary drill during creative writing time that I adored-while we were writing if we needed help with a word we wanted for our work she would write it in like this thought cloud with everyone elses word so we could get the spelling, people in the class were able to offer suggestions as to the definitions and if we couldn't get it....we would have to look it up in the dictionary. I remember at this time that my longtime homey Uncle Sammy labelled me the walking dictionary and I was OK with it.

And ooh Speech Arts- I made it to the big stage in the gym at school and got to do my speech about the Berlin Wall with the pictures my Nana gave me from her visit.

I loved words---was not impressed when I got a larger then life OXFORD Dictionary from my Dad as a surprise that he said he had for me over the phone when he was gonna swing by for a visit. I was about 8-9 but I find it strange that he could see something in me that I couldn't (I guess that's what parents are for.)

Grade 5:
We studied Japan and I met my first Haiku and have been addicted to poetry ever since.

During public school I met Mr. Henderson I want to say it was around grade 4 and he stayed at the school a couple of years. He was best known for the rocking musicals he directed. But I remember him best for the stories he told at Library time. He told us the Folk tales of the nations....formally introduced me to Anansi and the Magic Orange Tree. From the stories that came from this man, I learned culture, fantasy, rhythm, timeless life lessons and at a time in my adolescence when it was some what needed I learned one of the healthiest forms of yes....escapism. He also put me on to Roald Dahl.

Really started hitting Creative reading around grade 4-6 during this time my grandmother introduced me C.S. Lewis and an uncle of mine to J.R.R Tolkien and I began to read and read and read...and then came grade 7 and these moments were almost gone-blocked out by Science and Geography and a much appreciated Canadian History focus.

During this time I took it upon myself to write-pursuing a great love of mine. What I wrote was strictly confined to a journal that I bought with an extremely flimsy lock on it. I poured my soul into that book and then someone found it, broke it and read it and chastised me about the stuff that I wrote (I was around 11), and the way that I pictured life. It was at this time I kind of stopped writing stuff on paper and started drowning myself in music.

I'd write down my thoughts in day planners that I kept on my person at all times and when I really had something to say or needed to get out I would flip it into lyrics and if anyone ever found it I was ready to defend what I wrote by saying it was just a song that I was working on (censored much?)

This went on all through 8th- Grade until I finished high school.

The highlight of my high school education was Phys. Ed, Morning Basketball Practice, After School Basketball games, Lunch at Harry's, English Class and my American History Class.

During this period I also read alot but don't think I ever finished a book outside of the various Shakespeare pieces I was assigned with the assistance of some borrowed but much coveted Coles notes.

I started a journal again when I was about 18 because I convinced my self that I could be responsible for guarding my books with my life. Been successful guarding them ever since but that's not to say people have not read them.

I am now compelled to put alot of the stuff that has been growing on the inside of me out.

These days I write. To-Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Cheques, Emails, my journal, my blog, stories for my kids, captions for their pictures and music lots of music.

I have always seen a story in my life. Like a book even....not quite sure what it would be about but it has always been a dream of mine since about the 3rd grade before I even knew what having a dream was.

Interesting? (at least it is for me at this moment in time-I think reflection is quite good for the soul)

And now to maintain the randomness of this blog:

a friend of mine was giving me a pep talk the other day about following dreams and potential and he shared an email forward with me...

Disclaimer: almost HOKEY as the word HOKEY itself I do not endorse or send email forwards with words of wisdom or subtle hints about having a happy/productive day EVER! At times I might take a quick skim over some received by family members in case they decide to talk about them when I see them next but as a rule I strive to survive FORWARD FREE....but here is the forward anyway:

A martial arts student approached his teacher with a question.

“I’d like to improve my knowledge of the martial arts. In addition to learning from you, I’d like to study with another teacher in order to learn another style. What do you think of this idea?”

“The hunter who chases two rabbits,” answered the master, “catches neither one.”

Thanks Z!

All that to say this.....I think it's about time some more of us arrested our dreams, like really focused in on that thing that has been stalking us our entire life and just get it or make a promise to yourself to start the pursuit of it sometime soon!


p.s. You might be like where the heck is this girl on twitter I follow growinguptdot! I have to profiles chrisjayonline is the one that is usually flooded with tweets mostly during TFC matches though!

Re TFC: I like to think that last night was our first victory of the season on the road (MLS wise) we tied 0-0 woooooooooohoooooo! (I wonder if it is strange that I refer to TFC as we???? must be a fan or something!)


My return to work from this most interesting maternity leave is upon me.

I'm taking a couple weeks to unplug, regroup and maximize the free time I have with my little children and the daytime hours----how I love them.

I'll be back though as soon as I get back into the swing of things. (My guess is early June)

See you then!