Underdog: To push someone on a swing whilst going under them

Have you ever given your kid an "Underdog"? I mean a really good one...made them go soaring into the sky?

I have and although I may look like an absolute clown doing it-I love it, when they call out for their Mommy and beg me to push them again and again and again...there are few greater feelings in the world!

Have you ever pushed a kid that couldn't really handle an underdog on a swing so you make it a rule to do a half job on it so he still gets the underdog experience without the impact...make a big fuss and act like you are out of breathe, rave to your boy child as he swings moderately in the air about how high he is going(knowing in reality that it is not really that high) and still have a chance to catch a funny glance from your big son swinging beside him like "good one Mom you really got the little dude fooled-he really thinks he's swinging" kind of experience?

So we went downtown today first to the Scott Mission to drop of some stuff off and then to Kensington Market and of course my kids stumbled upon the playground. We decided to have a bite at the park and then play.

While we were there I went for the underdog moment with Myles and as soon as I was done underdogging my second underdog of the day for him...I turned around looked at him then I kinda saw him start to shift, let go and then...Afro full of sand and him absolutely wailing and his little glasses laying beside his cute little body underneath the swing :( And guess what NO exaggeration there were many many many people in the park like more then 50 in earshot and at least 15 using Myles, Aidan and three other little people for their lunch time entertainment...and guess what I was doing (this all took place in less then 10 seconds- "WOW MYLES...THAT WAS A GOOD ONE, EH? LOOK HOW HIGH YOU ARE!"

I wasn't nervous about his safety- kind of embarrassed for the way it looked-but not afraid for two reasons:

1. I saw him fall - I actually thought he was going to land on his feet and stay up but he kind of did a little dip backward hence the head in the sand---then he started screaming "bloody murder". Aidan shot me this look like, "nice one Mom!" My Mom was actually there and as I stood and looked at him she yelled at me for all to hear even above his widdle big sobs, "What are you doing Christine! Pick him up or something!" Ya, it probably looked like I pushed too hard at this moment and I was a bit of an unfit mother, but I and now you know better then that. It was more the happening and not the hurt that caused the proceeding waterworks and orchestral accompaniment.

2. This isn't the first time this has happened -Yup, Aidan too! (I know I'm not sounding any better)and for the record when it happened with the big boy it was also another crowded park on a beautiful day with the fake underdog hype attached.

The rest of our time at the playground with my Super Myles was spent reassuring him that he was OK, not broken and brave enough to swing again.

He said he'd only get back on the swing "if it had a seat belt!"

I offered him the baby swing

He looked at me with the sweetest look of disgust I have ever experienced.

I got him on the big swing again and promised "I'll only push you softly like I push Salome (little sister)!"

He felt like proving his blossoming manhood and said, "Push me like you push Aidan (big brother)!"

I braced myself checked his seating, hoped a little hope and to all of the onlookers horror revved myself up for yet another underdog.

He swung a BIG swing, and this big swing was GRAND! ;)



Stuff I learned about swings today:
-Swings are not always the funnest things to do on the playground
-Swings are still quite fun
-not all kids remember to hang on or sit tight
-Most kids bounce
-If there are lots of kids at the park play Tag...swings suck!
-At times I have mixed emotions about swings

Stuff I learned about life today:
-Swings and our experiences with them are in many ways just like life.

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