I have decided to get out more....Thanks TFC!

Last week probably Thursday I decided that I needed to get out more so this Tuesday I decided to jump in feet first. I got a fan email update thingy to my inbox on Monday that said that TFC would be at First Canadian Place. Lately (since Salome's birth actually) I find myself going out to places that are not to far from my home or an open field in case I kinda start melting down even if there is another adult with me. Three kids have proven to be a bit of a challenge at times. Don't get me wrong though I'm saying it like it's them-I think it is just the unique blend of four different personalities, new surroundings and the random happenings and reactions of the universe and others therein.

So we get to the event-There are a handful of kids there and get this-half of the handful were ironically my own...we were greeted by the BMO Bear many, many, many, many, many, times but it was OK cause it killed the wait. It was amazing Aidan was so happy-Myles was quite impressed with the Toronto Sun Paper Girls and the music that was playing over the airways and Salome was good (she is an angel though) I got not a peep out of her she was even good when I passed her to at least 6 TFC Team Members for photos.....(what a good Mom!)

I wondered a few times how I was doing it? And what was up with Myles (he usually provides the most action when we are about) he didn't bolt , get lippy or anything he just kind of waited in line and absorbed the crowd-it was probably the crowd on second thought.

I like crowds! ;)

We were there about an hour and a half standing, chatting, photo-ing?...I got to catch up with two old friends although briefly and I'll let you know it made my day. One was overseeing security and the other was on the team--it was nice.

I would be lying if I told you that I didn't feel quite accomplished after completing the first part of my afternoon. I would also be lying if I said I did this with ease. After chatting with a few of the players I was walking away and I heard one of them say to another "Wow that must be hard-- three kids!" I pretended I couldn't hear and for the record I don't think half of the guys on the team are over 25(listen to me hey like I'm seasoned because I'm 30 now!). I took the comment as a compliment.

It's funny the way life changes so quickly-makes me better appreciate those kinds of Tuesdays and sweet moments with my fold.

After the signing was done I kind of took a step back and saw two of my adult friends in the same kind of area--I watched them for a bit doing the things they loved--the things that I have always known them to do/obsess about. It made me smile (I'm saying this at risk of sounding super sappy!)

Then I got the tug on my shirt-actually it was more like a violent pull! Myles' attempt to drag me back into an even realer reality then my midday pondering-my outing grace period was officially up and I heard all of Myles' pent up fever begin to come forth sort of like an exhale "Mom I gotta go poo and I'm hungry let's go!"

My usual response is "Chill out Myles!" or "RELAX kid!" but I just kind of looked at him and agreed. I stuck his furry hat back on his relatively fuzzy head (the boys are growing their hair again) and engaged in my beautiful little somethings that have become a huge fraction of my desire.





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That seemed like a nice way to end things but there was much more action to follow-Eaton Center, Nathan Phillip Square, A little bit of Queen West and a Park-all on NO nap for the walking stage children! Scary? at times but it was a good way to start my getting out more.


  1. CJ you make me miss T.O. so much!!!!!!!!

  2. Maybe you need to come back then! ;)

  3. sister....next time you know the subject will be so complex and intresting...BOOK ME GUY!