Waldo & the Crew @ the Metro Zoo

It was a beautiful day. There were kids running around eating popsicles, some in shorts and t-shirts? I even saw like 5 month old in a onesie and really light sweats....hmmmm?

My daughter is the yeti in the following pics-my son is the boy dressed like Waldo with the humongous scarf on and my nice niece Ava is the darling in the rad shades. That was the crew for the day. Aidan wasn't there he was at Pioneer Village with his camp-(lucky guy gets to hang out at the Y all week long-I need some of that sweat in my life these days!) The adult supervision provided was me, Auntie Jacquie and of course Nana.

I remember going to the zoo all the time as a kid for March Break with my Nana and Grandad and whomever else could squeeze into the car. I remember the free coupons we received in our report cards. I remember it was always being freezing cold and a few images come to mind when I think back, polar bears, long freezing cold walk up "that hill" and a wonderfully brisk day spent with my sisters and cousins.

I've grown a bit since then so the hill is not as big and for some reason in my eyes the polar bears have lost their splendor. I love the zoo please don't misundertand but all the animals seem a little tired these days--like literally. Maybe I have watched too much Madagascar or something because I am by no means an animal activist or rights person at all (yet), but their lives seemed a little dare I say--drab. I wonder if it has always been like this?

Did I say it was a beautiful day for the zoo. The kids really enjoyed themselves and enjoyed seeing all the water animals enjoy themselves. Most memorable animal of the day for me were the turtles all the "exciting" other animals were taking naps. Mom said it was probably because it was so warm?....All that to say this.

The kids had a blast. They enjoyed the creatures in a casual glancing kind of way and in a strange way to my delight were more concerned about each others company and entertainment as opposed to watching Booty the monkey scratch itself(I kid you not the monkeys we saw yesterday were named Booty, Poopy and Jemma).

I learned alot from them yesterday! (the kids)

"Take this for a rule, you may pick out such times and such companies, that you may make yourselves merrier,‥for 'tis the company and not the charge [expense] that makes the feast."

[1653 I. Walton Compleat Angler iii.]

I know it was not a feast, there was not much to be eaten besides the popsicles and ring pops, the cost was free because Nana paid (thanks again!) But being with almost everyone made the day grand.

Enjoy the rest of the month and try not to let all of your mature adult observations and opinions get in the way of a rockin' good time that can be had anywhere.



p.s. Don't think I am making fun of Myles because I called him Waldo. In my opinion he is quite cool and everyone used to fight for his books when it used to rain and we were subjected to an indoor recess- just for the record.

Thanks for all the cool pictures Auntie Jacquie!

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