My son Aidan recently turned 6. He is convinced he is a certified "big boy" now.

His new school requires him to catch a bus to and from our home school. On this very same bus, he met a boy, a boy his age but not his size, a very cute little guy that I think could still probably wear a size 3 top comfortably even though he is 4 going on 5 (if he is not 5 already!) DO NOT BE DECEIVED THE KID IS A GENIUS...I look forward to getting to know him better and them maybe even being "best friends" in the future :)

These kids have a good time on the bus. They share stories, exchange smuggled toys, engage in some deep conversation and recently I felt as though I was partially welcomed into their world. Aidan offered me some gum after getting off the bus he said it was the hot kind (I was thinking "YES, CINNAMON!") I told him I was down for some.

When I saw it-it was the kind of thing you could catch in a Little Rascals episode or better view on the back of a Garbage Pail Kid trading card (remember those? I used to be a collector!)

He literally dug it out of his winter jacket pocket-it was cinnamon gum, a trident stick probably (I don't know the brand-it was unwrapped). It was quite small and at closer glance it was actually a half of a piece of gum broken into yet two more halves that I should call quarters, and it was covered in "pocket waste" (not quite sure how else to say it)--the smaller portion even had a hair stuck to it(I got that piece). I took a look at it and as much as I wanted to delight with my son in the gift he had received I honestly had to tell him.

"Sorry man I can't eat it, it's really gross!It's like dirty and there is hair on it-where did you get it from?"

He said his pal's name and asked politely "Can I still eat it?" I cringed for a minute and then made a very controversial decision.

"If you want to eat it Sonny you can...You're a big boy it's up to you!"

He looked at me, gave me his little half grin and popped it in his mouth and began to chew (like a happy little calf would the first time she digested her first grass meal and tasted her cud).

I'm learning to let him grow up better without me always having my way and opinion-It'll only make him stronger...right? ;)


  1. fuzzy gum shared with a friend is the BEST kind! lol that's awesome.

  2. so funny....there is something new everyday...These kids are quite the treasure!