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You may remember back in February my post about a local organization Three Fold Ministries that I had come across through my local church that was running an initiative called “The Sole Project”. They were collecting lightly used shoes and clothing to send overseas to Haiti in response to the devastation that occurred after the earthquake in hopes to help out some of the people that were left in great need. I actually got a chance to converse with the Williamson-Bynoe Family-Robb, Sara, Caleb and Eden the people who are responsible for making this drive happen and I was ecstatic to find out that this project was indeed a family affair and an absolute labor of love.

What is the goal of the Sole Project?
Our vision is to shoe the shoeless using donated gently worn and new shoes. There are needs abroad and at home. Every city has people in need. People tend to need shoes in times of crisis. For example an abused woman will often leave her abuser with her children, a few belongings and the clothes on their backs - this happens in every town and city in Canada. We want to be able to respond to needs big and small.

How big is your organization?
We are a grass-roots organization. We consist of a husband and wife and two school-aged volunteers

How involved are your children?
They are really hands-on! When we did Phase I of our Haiti initiative, they were right there with us cleaning shoes, putting them in pairs and packaging them.

How important is it to you that your kids are a part of what you are doing?
Very important! We believe if our kids can learn early in life the value of servant hood, it is an essential heart-set that will benefit them in all their relationships throughout life. We teach our children that it is important to not only be concerned with their own needs, but also the needs of others.

Is there going to be a phase 2?
Yes. with the recent catastrophic earthquakes that have rocked the nation of Chile, this question, has been answered.

What would you tell parents/caregivers who are looking to follow a dream that seems bigger than themselves?
Do it! Refuse to do nothing. Time passes whether we take that step of faith or not. There is work that each of us is purposed to do that no one else can do---so go for it!

Where can people get in touch with you or learn more about what you are doing and keep current with what is going on?
We can be reached at www.threefoldministries.com

I wanted to thank The Williamson-Bynoe's for opening up such an amazing opportuntity to give. Robb and Sara's kids are home schooled and as part of their curriculum concerning the community Caleb and Eden are taught that some children are not as fortunate as they are but they do not need to feel helpless when they are faced with needs of their neighbors--The Sole Project is a hands on physical manifestation of the compassion and love that lives on the inside of this family.

Personally, it was life changing to be with my little guy Aidan in his school's parking lot loading up the shoes they had so generously gathered into the trunk of our car. There were little pink ones that Aidan said would fit his little sister and big basketball ones that would be much to big even for his Dad. And at that moment I kind of understood better the work the Williamson-Bynoe's are involved in.


A special Thank-You to Mrs. Hawkins' class for heading up the Collections!
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