My Grandad and Me

We are very different my Grandad and Me.
We don’t look quite the same
But fell from the same tree.

His skins ivory-
While my skin is brownish golden.

I’m quite the young lady-
Nana says he’s an old man!

Still my Grandad and me
Are like peas in a pod.

We love reading together
And playing in the yard.

He likes to catch fish-
And I scream when I see them!

I like to wear dresses-
And he loves to see me in them.

I am a princess-
And he is a king.

He is my hero
And I am his dream.

We are very different my Grandad and Me.


The 24th of March was to be my Grandfather's 78th birthday. He passed late last year and the farther I walk the more I realize how much of my heart he was. I miss him often, and my love, respect, and admiration grow for him daily. This is a poem I wrote about us a little while after he left. It makes me stronger. :)

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