It was almost a Horrible Day...

I was up until almost 4 a.m. with my angelic daughter last night. I'll admit there were moments that almost brought me to tears. Was she screaming her head off? Was she uncomfortable with one of those baby type mysteries that are only solved with a burp from the face or butt? Absolutely none of the above she was just being Salome-Happy and looking for a nice long cuddle, some playtime and an after midnight snack. She never does this, so for some reason I decided to entertain.

And then the morning came-like the real morning not the "night morning" that I fell asleep in came. I heard my oldest having an almost heated discussion with Derek about his Sesame Bagel and Cream Cheese and he actually woke me and SALOME!

I got up to see what was going on, Derek told me to go back to bed. I went back to bed, Derek left to drop Aidan at the school bus and then..... Myles woke up in a puddle of urine--(argh!) Bed Wetting has a tendency to drive me relatively crazy when I am my normal "rested" self but when I am going on like 3 hours of sleep it is a devastator. So my back to bed lasted about 25 minutes. I got Myles into the shower and then my salvation arrived again. He told me to go back to bed.

I got into bed, thought I couldn't sleep then it happened--OUT COLD! woke up 2 hours later.

Derek was running out the door to grab Aidan from the school bus as I sauntered out to the living room to hang out with Myles and Salome. (Jesus please help me today!)

The TV was on (one of my pet peeves especially in the morning) I looked on the table and sure enough Myles' breakfast was sitting on the table-Whole wheat toast with salted butter and strawberry jam--this is a food that is undeniable to me and I cannot understand why any human would refuse it.

"Myles eat your toast."

"My Dad didn't do it right!"

"What do you mean he didn't do it right? It's perfect.--I'll have it!"

"No I want it but he didn't do it right I wanted jam on one piece and butter on the left piece!"

The morning almost got more confusing than it had to be. I told him to bring me the toast. I devoured it and in the midst of helping him, lost sight of Salome. She only really goes two places, the mailbox on the door to slap the crap out of the medal opening or to the recycling bin that is strategically placed almost in the middle of our kitchen floor. She is a rummager (not a word) of sorts I will admit. She loves to empty/dump stuff everywhere but you gotta love her!

I picked her up, placed her gently in the ExcerSaucer, took a deep breath and began picking up empty containers of water, cream cheese, ahh... who cares, I started picking up the garbage that we call recycling then the TV started playing my song.

This song! So Myles comes over to where I was, grabbed my hand and he started jumping up and down violently-so we danced some more. Then it ended. My day felt better and I decided that the eventfulness and loudness of the morning was going to be ok! So I opened up my browser, sat down to jot this little post and played this song at least 5 times over (and counting). To think it was almost a Horrible Day in my eyes. I wonder if there is any issue in life that a great song played at full blast can't almost remedy or at least medicate?

Looking forward to the rest of the day and believing that naptime will have a whole new definition.


thanks for the awesome OUTRO CBC KIDS!


  1. I completely hear you on the one butter one jam..D does that allll the time! Sounds like a well handled almost horrible day! ;o) love ya

  2. What relief D does that too! I thought it was a little strange but good to know it's not or at least there is one other weird kid on the planet! ;)