I wish my teacher was a blogger...

This is a fun picture that I always meant to share but kept forgetting too! This year Aidan started a new school and I have been more then impressed with what goes on at this place. My most impressive finding to date....teachers who blog about their class activities, random happenings and student life. This is a picture from one of the Grade 5 blogs--It's Aidan telling the story of 'Myles the Rockstar' He felt so special and was particularly smiley getting off the school bus that day.

"They asked me for my autograph Mom!"

I was like "Really?"

He was like "Ya!"

"How did it feel?"

"It felt really good, but I wanted to write Myles' name on their papers since the story is mostly about him!"

I love my innocent "little-big" now 6 year old.
He's awesome!


special message to my Mom to follow:

Hey Mom
You probably read this post and took in not one thing because your eyes were stuck on the hole in his pants...to answer your question of "Does he wear those pants to school?" that you asked a couple of months ago:

No he doesn't anymore-- but Yes, I did send your grandson to school in those knee less blue jeans. He actually wore them all winter long he had a few pairs with rips in the right knee in rotation.

It wasn't totally my fault he slides on his knees every time we are ANYWHERE indoors and there is no carpet on the floor! (he learned that lesson the hard way)

You can rest assured knowing he was never cold-he wore long underwear beneath them everyday except for this day because I knew that someone would be taking his picture and I am still not convinced that long johns are cool!

I only did it because I never learned to sew and all the iron-on patches were to small and only sold at that store that I have now officially boycotted!

Love you Mom---now read the actual blog part again!


  1. Must be a mom thing Christine as I was thinking the exact same thing your mom would have thought! love you ...x Catherine