30, and still so random?

Every year around my birthday I am asked:

"So how does it feel to be ______ (insert age here)?"

Usually I say I feel the same but when I was asked yesterday after reaching the big 3-0!!!! I actually thought about the question...and my thoughts:

"I feel different--really different. A mixture of emotions and feelings a bit of depression, disillusionment, some wonder, lots of joy and a whole lot of reflection."(this seems like an interview with myself right now...hmmmmmmmmm?)

I've been told "30 is the new 20" and by my really close friends I've been welcomed to the "Dirty Thirties" all quite confusing for me and I wish I new what side to choose but I'll figure it out as I go.

It was to be the "future" by now I should have a flying car, food flavored capsules for breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course have one of those cool dresses that the charming Jetson ladies wore (mine was to be much like Judy's!)

But NO, NO, NO! the name of this game is reality and at times at least to the common person it may seem to suck a little-Why you ask?

~I have an Accord (nice ride but --it does not fly!)

~the closest I get to capsules for mealtimes is Slim-Fast bars (for the record I gave up on those years ago)

~"Fly" dresses?---6 out of 7 days of the week you can catch me in my standard wardrobe-jeans and a hoodie. (on second thought after my three lovely children I would probably opt for Mr. Spacely's wife's dress)

It's been a long run of a year with many downs and ups, at times it has felt like an unwelcome but much needed reality check-I am accepting it as a kind of passage into TRUE adulthood or something? I'm learning better to be thankful with my growing experiences, taking life one day at a time and enjoying it the best way I know how.

I'm almost sure I'm happy to be 30, thankful for my neat little children, my peace husband, my loving famillia, my wonderful friends, our health and future.

Don't know really what else to say sooooo....



I apologize if this is your first visit to the blog- I actually post some good stuff on here (at least I have been told) I just had to stick this post up because writing helps me breathe.

This song always takes me back ;)