My Dilemma:Ever since the earthquake I have been wanting to give a significant gift to Haiti. I haven't been in a place where I've been able to give a lot financially but my desire has been to do something --I just was not sure what...

My Happening:So I was at church this past weekend and they made an announcement about a really good thing that is going on called "The Sole Project".

As soon as I heard the name I was like "YA....that sounds really fresh!" Then I heard the details and it was like a light switched on inside of me(a compact florescent bulb, of course!).

A local ministry by the name of Seeds of Hope will be sending a 40 foot long trailer full of needed supplies into the capital city of Haiti. They will be sending shoes along as a part of their shipment. Specifically, they are looking for summer shoes such as, open-toed shoes, sandals, flip flops, Crocs and running shoes.

My Response:I feel like this is one of the many opportunities that we have as Canadians to give abroad and as human beings-give locally.

I might not have alot of extra funds right now but I am sure I have some lightly used footwear packed away somewhere that we could give to empower the beautiful Haitian people on their hike back up.

I'm spreading the word and getting all the practical sole covers that we have in our house boxed up and shipped out!


Donations will be accepted February 7th and 14th at:
St. Paul's on the Hill Anglican Church
c/o ChurchWithoutLimits
882 Kingston Rd. East (Just east of Whites)
Pickering, ON
between 3pm-5:30pm


Advent Lutheran Church
c/o ChurchWithoutLimits
2800 Don Mills Rd (north of Sheppard Ave- south of the Peanut Plaza)
North York, ON
between 7pm-9:30pm
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