B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Back and it's Family Day!

So we are back online hooray!

So it's family day and my whole house is still in bed?????????????????? We went to a midnight soccer game last night at the Hangar (Downsview Park) and I must say it was quite the outing. We made our presence known at the venue by a larger than life christening of the floor with an upchucking accident and then of course the younger boy had to go poop-but once those festivities were done and the stands were near empty with only one other parent there with a child under 3 months --we decided to stay and watch the game.

It was fun...LATE...but a really good time. Nyika's (a very very good family friend)team won and Aidan was very proud for that. Myles was a tad bit dis functional and unimpressed with the soccer display until the game was done and they were given the ball and they were allowed to assume their beloved positions of striker and goalie on the turf.

I love to watch them play! I am especially fascinated with Myles he is quite a little guy, wears glasses and regularly doesn't like to get bumped or pushed by anything, he almost often walks into walls and other objects and gives them quite the tongue lashing when this does happen- but he loves it when his big brother kicks the ball at him. (Can't quite figure it out yet!)

I'll say yesterday but it may have even been Saturday night. I had this word COMMUNE pop into my head. At first I thought of a company of nuns, then the act of communion then I thought of eating and drinking and talking together with friend for the purpose of building relationship, and then I decided to consult a dictionary.

I went to www.dictionary.com and this is what I found for the verb form:

1. to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc.; interchange thoughts or feelings.

2. to be in intimate communication or rapport: to commune with nature.

A little puzzled at first but I took a few minutes to meditate on it and I thought-"yeah that is exactly it." --to interchange the thoughts and feelings with profound intensity.

Over the years I have written and dreamed, written and slept, written and imagined, written and read. But was never quite sure the reasoning behind my countless journals and scrap paper collections.

I am beginning to learn why- This is the place that I commune I get in touch with someone bigger than myself, my capacity to wonder is elated and my mind becomes like an untamed rushing river that sweeps away everything in it's path. And when I am done I feel lighter-even freer. (sorry ont het bset spller or an expert in vocab ;]) It's like I have said something and even heard something and when I get to share with people these thoughts and feelings I have so passionately interchanged....my part of the world feels a little bit better.

So I have been on a mission to define this blog and figure out what it will be about but I have still not drawn any conclusions--- I am just going to write. I am more convinced today that we must become hot about something, involved and dare I say passionate about at least one thing. We shouldn't let the things we do define us but rather let these things bring distinct definition to our life.

So the word of the day is "Commune" try to do so today with someone or something--we'll rap soon!

So this post is over now....all three of my children have left dreamland (10:30)and not surprisingly all at the same time- "Diapers....I mean duty calls" (sorry I know that was a really lame one!)


More POSTS soon.....gotta redeem last week! We are working on a bunch of really fun new poems and a story about our really mean goldfish Castro-not evil just mean sometimes.

Thanks for the lend of the picture Jacquie!

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