My Name is Salome

My Name is Salo-ME

Not Salo-MAY

It's easy to say, just practice with me,


Not close to Salami, nor Bologna- No Meat!



simply put it means peace.

Now take a deep breath, and with me recite


--See you did alright!

My name is Salome and I'm in your class
and these are my friends Keicha, Siobhan and Atish.


Just a fun poem about the wonderful world of classroom attendance and a cute little kindergartner who has heard her mother say her name over and over and over again when introducing her at the park, grocery store and other random places.

If you like this piece please feel free to share it-all I ask is that you let people know where you got it from.


Still in Scarborough?

A couple of days ago Myles and Aidan were colouring- I was in the room getting Salome ready and I could hear these two in some pretty intense conversation:

"Should there be three bedrooms or four Myles?"


"Where do you want yours?"

"Right There!"


So I come out to the living room because I am pretty interested to see what these guys are doing and it looks as though they decided to ditch the coloring books yet again and relieve the printer of all its reserves- nothing like fresh white paper!

"What are you doing guys?" I asked.

"We're drawing!" says Aidan.

"What are you guys drawing?" (me again)

"It's a blueprint Mom!--I am making a blueprint for my Dad so he can build this house for us!" (he answered me with a relatively concerned look on his face that totally was saying, why don't you think about my creations before you ask-it's quite obvious-I drew it with a blue marker!)

We live in a mid-sized apartment building on a very busy street in Toronto. We take walks to the park, ride the rocket and scare pigeons in our free time. On any given day you can taste the nations of the world by stepping into the hallway or just sitting in the lobby and watching everybody come and go. (Sorry can't quite explain it in this post.)

I remember meeting an old acquaintance of mine a while back who had recently moved to....I think Whitby--they asked me "Are you still in Scarborough?" and I answered "Yup still in Scarborough!" in a contemplative voice. After that random meeting and inquiry I was a bit disturbed by both question and response. Was I really STILL in Scarborough???????

I felt like someone had pronounced some kind of bad vibed sentence over my life. Depending on the way you look at it-I am one of those arguably ignorant people who have not yet acquired a mortgage and joined the mass exodus from my peer group with young families to the Suburbs or maybe I'm just someone who likes it here and appreciates the rich experiences she had growing up in the city and thinks it's right that her kids experience the same things (to a certain extent!) ;) Derek says it best and says it often "just get in, where you fit in!" and I have to agree--I think this city, for this season is our "in"!

So Aidan back to your blueprint--We're on it big guy!--it just may take a little longer than expected-we're gonna build your place
--in Scarborough.


Boys and Reading: Tips for Making Reading “Boy-Friendly” : The Childrens Book Review

I was talking with a friend of mine about a month back and she asked me if I had difficulty with getting my boys to read.  I didn't really have an answer for the question because I didn't remember the issue ever coming up and am not 100% sure I ever really identified with her inquiry as an issue--I thought nothing of it but then I began to watch them, times when I actually offered them books or a simple story time especially during the days light and guess what I found...


B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Back and it's Family Day!

So we are back online hooray!

So it's family day and my whole house is still in bed?????????????????? We went to a midnight soccer game last night at the Hangar (Downsview Park) and I must say it was quite the outing. We made our presence known at the venue by a larger than life christening of the floor with an upchucking accident and then of course the younger boy had to go poop-but once those festivities were done and the stands were near empty with only one other parent there with a child under 3 months --we decided to stay and watch the game.

It was fun...LATE...but a really good time. Nyika's (a very very good family friend)team won and Aidan was very proud for that. Myles was a tad bit dis functional and unimpressed with the soccer display until the game was done and they were given the ball and they were allowed to assume their beloved positions of striker and goalie on the turf.

I love to watch them play! I am especially fascinated with Myles he is quite a little guy, wears glasses and regularly doesn't like to get bumped or pushed by anything, he almost often walks into walls and other objects and gives them quite the tongue lashing when this does happen- but he loves it when his big brother kicks the ball at him. (Can't quite figure it out yet!)



My computer has been violated!

This week my posts will be less than frequent-I'll be back online by the end of the week!




My Dilemma:Ever since the earthquake I have been wanting to give a significant gift to Haiti. I haven't been in a place where I've been able to give a lot financially but my desire has been to do something --I just was not sure what...