Whole Wheat Toast

I have a boy named Myles,

He is the middle boy,

He is Myles the middle boy
Who reigns and will probally remain the main consumer
Of cereal in our house

Myles eats cereal
And eats cereal
And eats cereal like
An absolute cereal monster!

He eats it cold
He eats it hot
He eats it mixed with popcorn
He even puts it in his pockets when he thinks no one is watchin'
He stirs it in his yogurt
Hides it in his bag
He's Myles the cereal monster
He loves his cereal -bad!

He likes the bee,
He loves the oooooo's and sometimes he eats the cap'n,
He even eats my buds of bran,
No one can ever stop him!

Bananas and Rice Krispies were once my favourite treat
But now I never get them
Because Middle Myles always sees....

He says "Mom what are you eating?"
I say "I'll make you whole wheat toast!'
He says "Mom I want those Krispies, you know I like them most!'
I say "this is the last banana and these Krispies are just crumbs!'
He says "ok Mom, I'll help you-I'll take care of them!"

Before I know it he is in my lap drinking from the bowl.
Gulping down my cereal
My banana slices-swallowed whole!

"So what about my breakfast Myles?
Mommies need breakfast too!"
He says "don't worry lil Momma-
There's whole wheat toast for you!"


If you like this piece please feel free to share it-all I ask is that you let people know where you got it from.

I love breakfast so much so my kids sometimes eat it 2-3 times a day.  The most important meal of the day for more then one reason-if you do it right!  A time to relax, decide, ease out of your dreams and step into your day gracefully (if you take enough time for it).  It makes for good reflection time so enjoy breakfast today and if you didn't get to today try tomorrow! It may just change your life!

Not quite sure why I wrote all this but-what the heck it was fun!



  1. This story is so cute and funny and I just love it!

  2. Wow great work I love the story.. and really hope you'll have a book of them one day to share! Keep them coming :)