CBC Metro Morning Interview and Reading -Robert Munsch and Myles the Rockstar

We were asked by CBC's Metro Morning to sit in with Mr. Munsch for an interview.

click here for interview:
Robert Munsch and Myles the Rockstar

The Interview was great but the experience of hanging out at CBC for a morning with Robert Munsch was quite memorable. Myles was captivated by Mr. Munsch and his antics, they raced in the lobby, rode the elevators and took a visit to the very top floor where balconies overlook a huge common walkway/food court.

From the top Mr. Munsch scooped Myles up in his arms got close to the railing and said "OK Myles lets yell down HELLLLLO!"-before putting Myles back down Mr. Munsch asked "do you want to spit?" I was nervous but to my delight Myles answered "No it's OK!". (Yay for me I passed parenting 101 he refused to spit down on the innocent passersby-honestly at that age I think I would have took Mr. Munsch up on the offer!) ;)

So Myles got to live the life of a child rockstar for a day. I am so grateful for the experience.

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  1. LOL!! Christine, you are fabulous. I am happy to have found your blog (Thanks for the link, Mr. K!). The spitting story is hilarious - a whole new definition of successful parenting.

    Congratulations on winning and THANK YOU from everyone at Clairlea for sharing Mr. Munsch with us.