The past couple of weeks...

I am really thankful for the things that I have experienced the last couple of weeks. People I have met, places I have been, and for the adventures that I know money can't buy.

As a parent and I'd like to think a pretty normal human being. One of my desires in life is to enrich the growth experiences of people around me (especially my kids). One thing that I decided when I had my first son was to grant him privileges that I was never afforded growing up and I made the decision to expose him (and now them-Aidan, Myles and Salome) to anything that I thought would enrich his life, make for a wonderful memory or just help him to "grow up" better.(I think the correct term may be mature!)

This whole Munsch At Home Contest has done exactly that. I feel like it is a springboard into something bigger then I can see or imagine. It has caused me to do somethings I almost forgot to in my everyday business of going to work, taking care of my kids, going to soccer games, basketball practices, dance and swimming lessons (It's a little nuts sometimes). It's reminding me to take risks, dream, put myself out there and work harder at bringing a richer kind of fullness to their lives and maybe even my own. ;)

It's brought a greater revelation of the importance of family and good relationships and has been a demonstration of the great things we can do when we all work together as a family!

Sooooooooo.....THANKS EVERYBODY! The Jordan Family appreciates you!

p.s. I know, I know---I wrote something quite similar to this a couple blogs ago but I had to do it again!

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