MUNSCH At Home Contest

We entered in the midst of a very hard couple of weeks. My Grandfather had been hospitalized and was very near the time of his death. Writing was a kind of escape for me. I am a believer that everyone needs a creative outlet to get them through this life. We worked on the story for about a week and a half after pulling the ad from Today's Parent Magazine and on the morning of November 12th,we entered our story 'Myles the Rockstar' into the Munsch At Home Contest that was hosted by ABC Canada and sponsered by Honda Canada. Sadly that same evening my Grandad who was more like a father to me passed away. It's strange the way it happened but I know that he would have been proud of his big grandaughter and her very loud little boys. ;)

1. The challenge to create a team with at least one child and one adult
2. Write a story about singing
3. Be creative and original
4. Make sure your story is under 250 words
5. Enter your story online at FamilyLiteracyDay.ca

So we took on the challenge and this is what we came up with:

by Myles, Aidan and Christine Jordan

My family sings songs
We sing songs all day long.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock
That’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

Dad makes funky beats and raps his songs.
I love to groove to his music
And break-a-break-a-breakdance on the ground.

Mom flows slow songs – not everyone hears
Her words are like quiet whisssssssperrrrs
And feel good in my ears.

Aidan sings “en francais” folk songs he learned in school.
He chants, “Bonjour les amis” - I think it’s really cool.
He claps out the time and hums the melodies;
And he teaches French songs to me.

My baby sister Salome she rolls around and sings,
With the catchy shaky shaky tune her wrist rattle brings.
She “gooooooos” and she “gaahhhhs”
She’s my little jazz queen.

I’m Myles the rockstar, my songs mostly loud.
I beat on my drums – my voice makes me proud.
I don’t know all the words – that’s why I make up my own
I scream “BooLaLaSenahSenah” in my orange microphone.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock that’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

My family sings songs
We Sings songs all day long.

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