The Beginning of the Festivities

Started my Family Literacy Day Celebration by sitting in with Aidan's class for their opening exercises, and helping out with some Scholastic Book orders. I was glad to be a part those kids are awesome.

I recall singing the national anthem in the morning when I went to school, but I do not remember Motown being played over the P.A. System they played Motown this morning -like I mean real music, the whole track and not the Mini Pops....and I was sitting there like- I don't remember Senior Kindergarten being like this at all (The Word Dopeness kept going through my mind as I watched all these kindergartners listen and some of them kind of wiggle to the music.)

Then we sang O Canada- I hummed in English they belted it out in French, they practiced sentences and phrases and vocabulary, picked the days helpers and scattered off to their centers. I sat at a table with two little students that were cutting and pasting and I got to listen in on their conversations about "Snoopy and Poopy"...lol!

While I sat in class I tried not to stare at Aidan the whole time but I was almost overwhelmed with a sense of pride. Seeing him interact, communicate and receive instruction in a different language then the one I am usesd to. Him socializing with his peers and actually sitting and paying attention much more then he does with his own parents was a wonderful treat.

I sometimes wonder why Aidan is so happy/hyper when he gets off the school bus and now I know why! If school is like this everyday and runs this smoothly plus they have a snack time, next to Disney World that classroom has got to be one of the safest, friendliest, happiest places on earth. After this morning I feel like I maybe doing a few things right with him. He's a really sweet kid. And if your kids are in his class they are awesome too!

Off to the rest of the day now!

The main event tonight will be a "supercharged bedtime story fiasco" in honor of Family Literacy Day and we will celebrate again this Saturday....HOORAY!



  1. Hello,
    I just discovered the link to your blog. Our class was really inspired by Aidan's poem and the story of how he beat such great odds to win the contest. What a beautiful family you have too.
    When you dream - dream BIG!
    All the best,
    Erin Hawkins
    Clairlea Grade 5

  2. *smiling*
    What a beautiful post!
    I can't wait to enjoy these moments with my Children!

    I ♥
    "Then we sang O Canada- I hummed in English they belted it out in French"

  3. Abbie,
    Wow! This has touched me. I always planned on doing such with Rhu and his class, I have not had the opportunity as yet but you have given me something to look forward to.
    Rhu and I have your French moment except we have it in Spanish.
    You are doing such a great job raising your kids in such responsible manner. Hats off to you and Derek!

  4. Hello,
    Thanks for following The Fantastic Fives. I've linked this blog to the site. I'd love to arrange to have Aidan come to our classroom to read his famous poem. I'll talk to his teacher and see if this can be arranged. If you need to contact me I'm at monkeyintherocket@yahoo.ca
    All the best,
    Erin Hawkins