We had an absolutely amazing time we shared songs, read stories, made snacks and learned together like one big happy family....we definitely have to do this again soon!

A humongous thanks to all the families that came out and participated-we had more then 50 people in attendance for the celebration.

Jacquie we appreciate the way you captivated the day's events with your fancy camera and pretty eye-- we will be enjoying these pictures for years to come!

Rebecca my beautiful songstress friend you brightened up the day!

And we would like to give a very special THANK YOU to Faith Family Books and Church Without Limits for all of your generous support-the kids really loved all of the healthy snacks, activities and free books.




The Beginning of the Festivities

Started my Family Literacy Day Celebration by sitting in with Aidan's class for their opening exercises, and helping out with some Scholastic Book orders. I was glad to be a part those kids are awesome.

I recall singing the national anthem in the morning when I went to school, but I do not remember Motown being played over the P.A. System they played Motown this morning -like I mean real music, the whole track and not the Mini Pops....and I was sitting there like- I don't remember Senior Kindergarten being like this at all (The Word Dopeness kept going through my mind as I watched all these kindergartners listen and some of them kind of wiggle to the music.)

Then we sang O Canada- I hummed in English they belted it out in French, they practiced sentences and phrases and vocabulary, picked the days helpers and scattered off to their centers. I sat at a table with two little students that were cutting and pasting and I got to listen in on their conversations about "Snoopy and Poopy"...lol!


The past couple of weeks...

I am really thankful for the things that I have experienced the last couple of weeks. People I have met, places I have been, and for the adventures that I know money can't buy.

As a parent and I'd like to think a pretty normal human being. One of my desires in life is to enrich the growth experiences of people around me (especially my kids). One thing that I decided when I had my first son was to grant him privileges that I was never afforded growing up and I made the decision to expose him (and now them-Aidan, Myles and Salome) to anything that I thought would enrich his life, make for a wonderful memory or just help him to "grow up" better.(I think the correct term may be mature!)

This whole Munsch At Home Contest has done exactly that. I feel like it is a springboard into something bigger then I can see or imagine. It has caused me to do somethings I almost forgot to in my everyday business of going to work, taking care of my kids, going to soccer games, basketball practices, dance and swimming lessons (It's a little nuts sometimes). It's reminding me to take risks, dream, put myself out there and work harder at bringing a richer kind of fullness to their lives and maybe even my own. ;)

It's brought a greater revelation of the importance of family and good relationships and has been a demonstration of the great things we can do when we all work together as a family!

Sooooooooo.....THANKS EVERYBODY! The Jordan Family appreciates you!

p.s. I know, I know---I wrote something quite similar to this a couple blogs ago but I had to do it again!


Munsch story contest winner: Myles the Rockstar - Parentcentral.ca

Published Already...this is turning out to be a pretty interesting Friday....take a look and let us know what you think!

click here for article: Munsch story contest winner: Myles the Rockstar - Parentcentral.ca

Listen to the story performed by 2 of the 3 co-authors in this interview from CBC Metro Morning January 15, 2010 edition (Story starts at 2:30 in clip):

Whole Wheat Toast

I have a boy named Myles,

He is the middle boy,

He is Myles the middle boy
Who reigns and will probally remain the main consumer
Of cereal in our house

Myles eats cereal
And eats cereal
And eats cereal like
An absolute cereal monster!

He eats it cold
He eats it hot
He eats it mixed with popcorn
He even puts it in his pockets when he thinks no one is watchin'
He stirs it in his yogurt
Hides it in his bag
He's Myles the cereal monster
He loves his cereal -bad!

He likes the bee,
He loves the oooooo's and sometimes he eats the cap'n,
He even eats my buds of bran,
No one can ever stop him!

Bananas and Rice Krispies were once my favourite treat
But now I never get them
Because Middle Myles always sees....

He says "Mom what are you eating?"
I say "I'll make you whole wheat toast!'
He says "Mom I want those Krispies, you know I like them most!'
I say "this is the last banana and these Krispies are just crumbs!'
He says "ok Mom, I'll help you-I'll take care of them!"

Before I know it he is in my lap drinking from the bowl.
Gulping down my cereal
My banana slices-swallowed whole!

"So what about my breakfast Myles?
Mommies need breakfast too!"
He says "don't worry lil Momma-
There's whole wheat toast for you!"


If you like this piece please feel free to share it-all I ask is that you let people know where you got it from.

I love breakfast so much so my kids sometimes eat it 2-3 times a day.  The most important meal of the day for more then one reason-if you do it right!  A time to relax, decide, ease out of your dreams and step into your day gracefully (if you take enough time for it).  It makes for good reflection time so enjoy breakfast today and if you didn't get to today try tomorrow! It may just change your life!

Not quite sure why I wrote all this but-what the heck it was fun!



His Pondering...

I am a mother of three kids (please don't run away this is not another random "MommyBlog")so let's try this once again, I am a mother of three kids and some of the time…ummmm I should probably rephrase that to all of the time- I put them first and often forget about myself. It’s funny the little people I pour myself into the most are often times the ones that act as the string that I tie around my finger in order to remind myself to not forget myself many a day. So my oldest son has this weird way of asking these pure questions to me. When I say pure I mean childlike and unadulterated. So he asks me on this particular day,”So what are you going to be when you grow up Mom?”

He knows I have a job and I’ve been at that job double his lifetime but he sees something I don’t always see. He sees my job as just a job and not who I am (yes I am of that people that is almost satisfied with their job but knows it is not their dream one), he wants to know who his Mommy is by seeing her live. He knows I am a storyteller, he knows that I have a favorite pen, he knows I love to spend the majority of my time with him and his little brother and sister and I am assuming here-but I think in more ways than one he needs to see me living the things that make me happy so that he will have the confidence and some way the “know how” to do the same thing when he grows up.

He wants to play for the TFC most days when he wakes up and other days he wants to be an illustrator or a rapper and some days he looks forward to being a Daddy. A Dad that takes his kids to Chuck E. Cheeses, the YMCA, and coaches his little peoples soccer teams and tucks them in every night. Because this is what he has observed a Daddy doing.

So I guess the pressure is on now since he's asked and I have really thought about his pondering. I can't make up stories anymore when the family drops me off at the office for the day. I confessed to him that his mother is not a scientist and my work building is not an undercover laboratory where we construct superhero robots and spy gadgets by day. He was a little disappointed at my admission but I told him I'd make it up to him. ;)

So I say all that to say this-one day I got this picture of a child reading their parent a bedtime story and tucking the parent into bed and the story sounded like this:

Live the story right
Take your time don’t rush it
You’ll see I guarantee it
You will hit the target

You’ll make my ears listen
Get my eyes to see
The Beautiful Stories
That are a part of me
The powerful tales
That take hold of a soul
Speak to my spirit
And never let go
Not magic!
Just love mixed with passion
This is what happens
When life interacts with
Untamed Imagination and Curiosity
The things that you dream
When you’re sleeping your sleep

Live the story right
Take your time don’t rush it
You’ll see I guarantee it
You will hit the target

If you like it please feel free to share it-all I ask is that you let people know where you got it from and just in case you're not from Toronto and you have no clue what the TFC is let me put you on: http://web.mlsnet.com/t280/


SING FOR LITERACY!-Celebrate Family Literacy Day With Us!

Date: Saturday, January 30, 2010
Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Location: Faith Family Books & Gifts (Storefront)
Street: 45 Milner Ave Unit #102
City/Town: Toronto, ON


Little Leo Walker

He’s Little Leo Walker
He’s got a shiny quarter
For helping out his Mommy and his Dad
He really thinks it's awesome
This isn’t his first one
He’s even got a special place for his change

On top of Leo’s dresser
Is a majestic tree
It’s made of glass from the beach
And the salt from the sea
It’s a lovely thirsty green and it's almost see through
And when he drops his change in
It’s like he’s planting tiny seeds

When it fills right up
He’ll have his first money tree
And there are lots of great things he can supply
A chicken for his coop
Or some candy for his tummy
Or a bell for his little doggie's collar
Maybe groceries for families who really seem to need it
Or some paint to create-another something great
Or new tires for his really fast bike-might be nice
Or nothing is quite alright too!

He can give, he can share, or just save some more
Since this world is his planet
There's nothing good he will ignore


About Little Leo Walker:
I wrote this late last month and I thought it would be appropriate to share this week. Little Leo Walker is actually my newest nephew. It is still a work in progress but I know my little guys enjoy it so I wanted to share it with yours. If you like it please feel free to share it-all I ask is that you let people know where you got it from. :)

and if you have a free moment or two check out Little Leo's Mommy and her art! http://wazodesign.blogspot.com/



Reading at Chapters before Mr. Munsch's book signing

We were invited to share 'Myles the Rockstar' at Chapters in Scarborough today.

Got to tell the story in front of Mr. Munsch's crowd and when I was done get this, Mr Munsch comes up to me and says "That was really good!" :)

This was an absolute rush!...not sure if there is any other way to put it!

Global News Hour - Video Recap of Jordan Family Munsch Day!

Here's Global's Story

the show is an hour long so you may want to just jump to the last segment ;)

click here for story: News Hour - Jan 15 - Video Centre

CBC -The National's Video Summary of the day's events

Here is The National's recap on the story and the Amazing Day's Events!

click here for story: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/TV_Shows/The_National/ID=1386952523

CBC Metro Morning Interview and Reading -Robert Munsch and Myles the Rockstar

We were asked by CBC's Metro Morning to sit in with Mr. Munsch for an interview.

click here for interview:
Robert Munsch and Myles the Rockstar

The Interview was great but the experience of hanging out at CBC for a morning with Robert Munsch was quite memorable. Myles was captivated by Mr. Munsch and his antics, they raced in the lobby, rode the elevators and took a visit to the very top floor where balconies overlook a huge common walkway/food court.

From the top Mr. Munsch scooped Myles up in his arms got close to the railing and said "OK Myles lets yell down HELLLLLO!"-before putting Myles back down Mr. Munsch asked "do you want to spit?" I was nervous but to my delight Myles answered "No it's OK!". (Yay for me I passed parenting 101 he refused to spit down on the innocent passersby-honestly at that age I think I would have took Mr. Munsch up on the offer!) ;)

So Myles got to live the life of a child rockstar for a day. I am so grateful for the experience.

Best-selling author Robert Munsch to dazzle adoring kids and parents for ‘Munsch at Home Contest’ performance | ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation

Here is an outline of our prize and what was to happen...by this point we were ecstatic! In a telephone call Mr. Munsch asked that he share dinner with us before all of the events so we did--Greek Food on Thursday.

click here for press release: Media Advisory: Best-selling author Robert Munsch to dazzle adoring kids and parents for ‘Munsch at Home Contest’ performance | ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation

Scarborough, Ontario family wins 'Munsch at Home Contest' | ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation

This is what happened next...

click here for press release: Scarborough, Ontario family wins 'Munsch at Home Contest' | ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation

MUNSCH At Home Contest

We entered in the midst of a very hard couple of weeks. My Grandfather had been hospitalized and was very near the time of his death. Writing was a kind of escape for me. I am a believer that everyone needs a creative outlet to get them through this life. We worked on the story for about a week and a half after pulling the ad from Today's Parent Magazine and on the morning of November 12th,we entered our story 'Myles the Rockstar' into the Munsch At Home Contest that was hosted by ABC Canada and sponsered by Honda Canada. Sadly that same evening my Grandad who was more like a father to me passed away. It's strange the way it happened but I know that he would have been proud of his big grandaughter and her very loud little boys. ;)

1. The challenge to create a team with at least one child and one adult
2. Write a story about singing
3. Be creative and original
4. Make sure your story is under 250 words
5. Enter your story online at FamilyLiteracyDay.ca

So we took on the challenge and this is what we came up with:

by Myles, Aidan and Christine Jordan

My family sings songs
We sing songs all day long.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock
That’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

Dad makes funky beats and raps his songs.
I love to groove to his music
And break-a-break-a-breakdance on the ground.

Mom flows slow songs – not everyone hears
Her words are like quiet whisssssssperrrrs
And feel good in my ears.

Aidan sings “en francais” folk songs he learned in school.
He chants, “Bonjour les amis” - I think it’s really cool.
He claps out the time and hums the melodies;
And he teaches French songs to me.

My baby sister Salome she rolls around and sings,
With the catchy shaky shaky tune her wrist rattle brings.
She “gooooooos” and she “gaahhhhs”
She’s my little jazz queen.

I’m Myles the rockstar, my songs mostly loud.
I beat on my drums – my voice makes me proud.
I don’t know all the words – that’s why I make up my own
I scream “BooLaLaSenahSenah” in my orange microphone.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock that’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

My family sings songs
We Sings songs all day long.

CHECK OUT THE TOP TEN FINALISTS STORIES HERE (they are all very fun reads!)