Taking some time out these next few days to remember my Grandad who passed away last year this time. Not really fitting for the regular blog posts I guess but in my heart and minds eye all a part of the way we grow.

He loved words, reading, poems, short pithy statements and getting lost in a good book. He was silent a lot but at all times to me inspiring and his actions spoke louder then any word could ever speak.

I heard a lady who turned I think 105 recite this a couple of weeks ago and for a moment or two I was back on my Grandad's couch and it was almost like we were together again...


For those moments...

Myles: my love lepends on you right mom?

Me: pardon?

Myles: my love lepends on you and your love depends on me...is that right mom?

Me: that's right Myles!

Myles: What does that mean then?

Me: It means that we can't love each other without each other and our love is very important.

Brilliant explanation if I do say so myself and although in that moment it didn't make that much sense- I'm learning every day to catch the heart in matters...counting it one of the highest privileges in life to be trusted with their beautiful lives...glad we go so good together!

One of my new favourite songs for this lifetime...sweet dreaming!




A Lesson in Laundry....

I remember on many occasions growing up and my mother doing laundry and finding stuff in the wash. She would find hair ties, rubber bands, Kleenex, all kinds of very necessary products falling into the mix of what we knew as laundry. The most memorable items I remember her finding was a tube of lipstick (remember those?) and on another occasion a bottle of my middle sister now turned diva/professional foot care nurse's nail polish. Both of the items submitted caused quite the uproar in our little apartment. Clothes Ruined-to say the least.

I remember her complaining to my Nana about the messes made and my Nana saying- "I told you Barbara you must always turn the pockets of the clothes inside out!" It wouldn't be enough to say check the pockets before you started the load it had to be more intricate then this----hence the term "turn them inside out!"

Simple rules that were only sometimes adhered to....why? Maybe because they were coming from Nana and my mom was a self proclaimed know it all like her succeeding daughter and father before her and all of his children!

Or maybe it was because she always told us to make sure we empty our pockets before we put them in the hamper and my mother was skillfully crafting a rulebook of her own. One that was about self empowerment and getting her children to work!!!!

So we lost some garments, lost some change, and had SOME secrets found out because of laundered items-But for the most part my Mother's laundering method was semi-successful.

So why I am writing about Laundry? I've been up since five and have realized that this is a good time for me to do some chores and maybe write a bit. So I am in the Laundromat as we speak and I have learned the lesson my mother had too many years back. Today I pulled out of the washer 1 tube of chap stick, 1 wrapped fortune cookie, about a tablespoon of sand (swear that should have disappeared with the dirty water...but then again there was probably a ton in there), a kid sized "Michael Jackson" type looking glove with the fingers cut off (this would be a random find in some households I was mildly surprised when I found it!)

All that to say this-I am glad I had my boys first and they use chap stick instead of lipstick, their sleeves instead of tissue paper but I really hope they trade their fortune cookies for some fortune I could handle a little spare change in my life every now and again.

Today I have chosen the lesson of my Nan instead of that of my Mom (sorry). I will always turn the pockets inside out and never clue my kids into checking their pants before throwing them into the wash....why? I feel in some way that although it made more work for my Nana raising six kids and turning all those pockets inside out week after week. I kind of think in some way it gave her the upper hand and provided great insight into the lives of her children in their growing years.

Just a thought! ;)




This cow is from Budapest if I am not mistaken but there were many similar ones in Toronto steaming this week. It was sooooo hot! I referred to myself on at least one occasion as a melting Popsicle. Why????? because I was sticky, sweaty, and very un-treat-like (don't really have a comparison for the stick up the backside-although I had the opportunity to gaze upon at least one commuter that acted as such but I would credit their randomness and irritability to the weather outside) Sooo hot to say the least!

But now we weekend and make our way back into blog land.

I assumed that after returning to work in May I would get into a "regular swing of things" come back, be functional and relatively scheduable? But guess what...can't do it...At times I feel like between work, kids, extra curricular activities and moonlighting...being a parent is the most challenging role in the world if you are committed to giving it your all!



SO I have been trying to enjoy my hiatus but......I need to write....Like really!

I experienced an extremely stressful situation this week and I almost internalized the whole altercation and then I decided to tweet...Not for anybody to read just so I could get it off my chest! (Also a bit alarmed it is easier in my house to find an online electrical gadget than it is to find a pen and paper????

my tweet:
#parenting its my job as a parent to get on you in public if I see you blatantly disrespecting any of my children whether they came from me or not!

I won't get into what happened or who I was totally cheesed at (it still gets me pretty hot to just think about it!) but saying it aloud helped me to breathe.

Because of the nature of my expression in the previous tweet I had to post it with "Twit Longer"

Other tweets that followed that day:

Just about reached my boiling point-now what to do with all this hot water?
9:38 AM May 12th via UberTwitter

@iamliya making some tea....
9:48 AM May 12th via web in reply to iamliya

Writing-this should keep me busy for a while-PEACE!
8:57 PM May 13th via UberTwitter

I have realized and looking back over my life at least since the time I had been introduced to wax, lead and ink...literacy has meant a great deal to me. Because of my recent embrace of Twitter, I played with the idea of being addicted to social media...but that's not it. Writing is a means of communication, therapy(?) maybe best said over the past 25 years it has become quite the creative outlet and a kind of salvation to me----Let me explain using my experience briefly through the Scarborough Board of Education now known as the TDSB. ;)

When I was younger like kindergartenish it was printing captions on my scribbles (strangely I could read and print before I could draw a cloud ;))

Grade 1-3 my favourites were spelling dictations, comprehension activities and reading groups. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reading out loud even if no one is listening.)

Grade 4:
I remember my sweet teacher Mrs. Leblanc doing this intriguing dictionary drill during creative writing time that I adored-while we were writing if we needed help with a word we wanted for our work she would write it in like this thought cloud with everyone elses word so we could get the spelling, people in the class were able to offer suggestions as to the definitions and if we couldn't get it....we would have to look it up in the dictionary. I remember at this time that my longtime homey Uncle Sammy labelled me the walking dictionary and I was OK with it.

And ooh Speech Arts- I made it to the big stage in the gym at school and got to do my speech about the Berlin Wall with the pictures my Nana gave me from her visit.

I loved words---was not impressed when I got a larger then life OXFORD Dictionary from my Dad as a surprise that he said he had for me over the phone when he was gonna swing by for a visit. I was about 8-9 but I find it strange that he could see something in me that I couldn't (I guess that's what parents are for.)

Grade 5:
We studied Japan and I met my first Haiku and have been addicted to poetry ever since.

During public school I met Mr. Henderson I want to say it was around grade 4 and he stayed at the school a couple of years. He was best known for the rocking musicals he directed. But I remember him best for the stories he told at Library time. He told us the Folk tales of the nations....formally introduced me to Anansi and the Magic Orange Tree. From the stories that came from this man, I learned culture, fantasy, rhythm, timeless life lessons and at a time in my adolescence when it was some what needed I learned one of the healthiest forms of yes....escapism. He also put me on to Roald Dahl.

Really started hitting Creative reading around grade 4-6 during this time my grandmother introduced me C.S. Lewis and an uncle of mine to J.R.R Tolkien and I began to read and read and read...and then came grade 7 and these moments were almost gone-blocked out by Science and Geography and a much appreciated Canadian History focus.

During this time I took it upon myself to write-pursuing a great love of mine. What I wrote was strictly confined to a journal that I bought with an extremely flimsy lock on it. I poured my soul into that book and then someone found it, broke it and read it and chastised me about the stuff that I wrote (I was around 11), and the way that I pictured life. It was at this time I kind of stopped writing stuff on paper and started drowning myself in music.

I'd write down my thoughts in day planners that I kept on my person at all times and when I really had something to say or needed to get out I would flip it into lyrics and if anyone ever found it I was ready to defend what I wrote by saying it was just a song that I was working on (censored much?)

This went on all through 8th- Grade until I finished high school.

The highlight of my high school education was Phys. Ed, Morning Basketball Practice, After School Basketball games, Lunch at Harry's, English Class and my American History Class.

During this period I also read alot but don't think I ever finished a book outside of the various Shakespeare pieces I was assigned with the assistance of some borrowed but much coveted Coles notes.

I started a journal again when I was about 18 because I convinced my self that I could be responsible for guarding my books with my life. Been successful guarding them ever since but that's not to say people have not read them.

I am now compelled to put alot of the stuff that has been growing on the inside of me out.

These days I write. To-Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Cheques, Emails, my journal, my blog, stories for my kids, captions for their pictures and music lots of music.

I have always seen a story in my life. Like a book even....not quite sure what it would be about but it has always been a dream of mine since about the 3rd grade before I even knew what having a dream was.

Interesting? (at least it is for me at this moment in time-I think reflection is quite good for the soul)

And now to maintain the randomness of this blog:

a friend of mine was giving me a pep talk the other day about following dreams and potential and he shared an email forward with me...

Disclaimer: almost HOKEY as the word HOKEY itself I do not endorse or send email forwards with words of wisdom or subtle hints about having a happy/productive day EVER! At times I might take a quick skim over some received by family members in case they decide to talk about them when I see them next but as a rule I strive to survive FORWARD FREE....but here is the forward anyway:

A martial arts student approached his teacher with a question.

“I’d like to improve my knowledge of the martial arts. In addition to learning from you, I’d like to study with another teacher in order to learn another style. What do you think of this idea?”

“The hunter who chases two rabbits,” answered the master, “catches neither one.”

Thanks Z!

All that to say this.....I think it's about time some more of us arrested our dreams, like really focused in on that thing that has been stalking us our entire life and just get it or make a promise to yourself to start the pursuit of it sometime soon!


p.s. You might be like where the heck is this girl on twitter I follow growinguptdot! I have to profiles chrisjayonline is the one that is usually flooded with tweets mostly during TFC matches though!

Re TFC: I like to think that last night was our first victory of the season on the road (MLS wise) we tied 0-0 woooooooooohoooooo! (I wonder if it is strange that I refer to TFC as we???? must be a fan or something!)


My return to work from this most interesting maternity leave is upon me.

I'm taking a couple weeks to unplug, regroup and maximize the free time I have with my little children and the daytime hours----how I love them.

I'll be back though as soon as I get back into the swing of things. (My guess is early June)

See you then!



Underdog: To push someone on a swing whilst going under them

Have you ever given your kid an "Underdog"? I mean a really good one...made them go soaring into the sky?

I have and although I may look like an absolute clown doing it-I love it, when they call out for their Mommy and beg me to push them again and again and again...there are few greater feelings in the world!

Have you ever pushed a kid that couldn't really handle an underdog on a swing so you make it a rule to do a half job on it so he still gets the underdog experience without the impact...make a big fuss and act like you are out of breathe, rave to your boy child as he swings moderately in the air about how high he is going(knowing in reality that it is not really that high) and still have a chance to catch a funny glance from your big son swinging beside him like "good one Mom you really got the little dude fooled-he really thinks he's swinging" kind of experience?

So we went downtown today first to the Scott Mission to drop of some stuff off and then to Kensington Market and of course my kids stumbled upon the playground. We decided to have a bite at the park and then play.

While we were there I went for the underdog moment with Myles and as soon as I was done underdogging my second underdog of the day for him...I turned around looked at him then I kinda saw him start to shift, let go and then...Afro full of sand and him absolutely wailing and his little glasses laying beside his cute little body underneath the swing :( And guess what NO exaggeration there were many many many people in the park like more then 50 in earshot and at least 15 using Myles, Aidan and three other little people for their lunch time entertainment...and guess what I was doing (this all took place in less then 10 seconds- "WOW MYLES...THAT WAS A GOOD ONE, EH? LOOK HOW HIGH YOU ARE!"

I wasn't nervous about his safety- kind of embarrassed for the way it looked-but not afraid for two reasons:

1. I saw him fall - I actually thought he was going to land on his feet and stay up but he kind of did a little dip backward hence the head in the sand---then he started screaming "bloody murder". Aidan shot me this look like, "nice one Mom!" My Mom was actually there and as I stood and looked at him she yelled at me for all to hear even above his widdle big sobs, "What are you doing Christine! Pick him up or something!" Ya, it probably looked like I pushed too hard at this moment and I was a bit of an unfit mother, but I and now you know better then that. It was more the happening and not the hurt that caused the proceeding waterworks and orchestral accompaniment.

2. This isn't the first time this has happened -Yup, Aidan too! (I know I'm not sounding any better)and for the record when it happened with the big boy it was also another crowded park on a beautiful day with the fake underdog hype attached.

The rest of our time at the playground with my Super Myles was spent reassuring him that he was OK, not broken and brave enough to swing again.

He said he'd only get back on the swing "if it had a seat belt!"

I offered him the baby swing

He looked at me with the sweetest look of disgust I have ever experienced.

I got him on the big swing again and promised "I'll only push you softly like I push Salome (little sister)!"

He felt like proving his blossoming manhood and said, "Push me like you push Aidan (big brother)!"

I braced myself checked his seating, hoped a little hope and to all of the onlookers horror revved myself up for yet another underdog.

He swung a BIG swing, and this big swing was GRAND! ;)



Stuff I learned about swings today:
-Swings are not always the funnest things to do on the playground
-Swings are still quite fun
-not all kids remember to hang on or sit tight
-Most kids bounce
-If there are lots of kids at the park play Tag...swings suck!
-At times I have mixed emotions about swings

Stuff I learned about life today:
-Swings and our experiences with them are in many ways just like life.


Addicted to Sunlight!

Since the weather has been improving-like really improving---not "I am gonna play a horribly mean prank on all the school children and be warm one day and then snow the next day" kind of weather has seemingly disappeared---another one of my addictions has risen to the surface. I don't know if I can say addiction (yet) maybe it is just a slight fetish? nonetheless-I cannot stand being indoors!

I am not quite sure what it is I have this drive to be outside playing with my little garden of children....(think Mat Leave may be coming to an end soon...)

I have been working on a couple new stories ...(the main reason my blogging has been so scarce lately)the one that I have really been hitting will be entered into a children's writing contest this week so I will hopefully be able to share it with you soon-It's about Breakfast!

I really love blogging and living-I'll be glad when I come across the balance that allows the both of them to thrive together peacefully in this Wonderful World!(queue track)

suggested listening :)

I love, love, love this song my Grandad formally introduced me to Mr. Cliff via vcr and videotape (remember those?) back in ummmmmmmm I'd say 1988-89- Enjoy!

Here are a few pictures from our last trip downtown soaking up the beginning of Spring's glorious Sunlight:

Mr. Jimmy Cliff will actually be at Massey Hall July 19th, 2010 you can click here for more info



I have decided to get out more....Thanks TFC!

Last week probably Thursday I decided that I needed to get out more so this Tuesday I decided to jump in feet first. I got a fan email update thingy to my inbox on Monday that said that TFC would be at First Canadian Place. Lately (since Salome's birth actually) I find myself going out to places that are not to far from my home or an open field in case I kinda start melting down even if there is another adult with me. Three kids have proven to be a bit of a challenge at times. Don't get me wrong though I'm saying it like it's them-I think it is just the unique blend of four different personalities, new surroundings and the random happenings and reactions of the universe and others therein.

So we get to the event-There are a handful of kids there and get this-half of the handful were ironically my own...we were greeted by the BMO Bear many, many, many, many, many, times but it was OK cause it killed the wait. It was amazing Aidan was so happy-Myles was quite impressed with the Toronto Sun Paper Girls and the music that was playing over the airways and Salome was good (she is an angel though) I got not a peep out of her she was even good when I passed her to at least 6 TFC Team Members for photos.....(what a good Mom!)

I wondered a few times how I was doing it? And what was up with Myles (he usually provides the most action when we are about) he didn't bolt , get lippy or anything he just kind of waited in line and absorbed the crowd-it was probably the crowd on second thought.

I like crowds! ;)

We were there about an hour and a half standing, chatting, photo-ing?...I got to catch up with two old friends although briefly and I'll let you know it made my day. One was overseeing security and the other was on the team--it was nice.

I would be lying if I told you that I didn't feel quite accomplished after completing the first part of my afternoon. I would also be lying if I said I did this with ease. After chatting with a few of the players I was walking away and I heard one of them say to another "Wow that must be hard-- three kids!" I pretended I couldn't hear and for the record I don't think half of the guys on the team are over 25(listen to me hey like I'm seasoned because I'm 30 now!). I took the comment as a compliment.

It's funny the way life changes so quickly-makes me better appreciate those kinds of Tuesdays and sweet moments with my fold.

After the signing was done I kind of took a step back and saw two of my adult friends in the same kind of area--I watched them for a bit doing the things they loved--the things that I have always known them to do/obsess about. It made me smile (I'm saying this at risk of sounding super sappy!)

Then I got the tug on my shirt-actually it was more like a violent pull! Myles' attempt to drag me back into an even realer reality then my midday pondering-my outing grace period was officially up and I heard all of Myles' pent up fever begin to come forth sort of like an exhale "Mom I gotta go poo and I'm hungry let's go!"

My usual response is "Chill out Myles!" or "RELAX kid!" but I just kind of looked at him and agreed. I stuck his furry hat back on his relatively fuzzy head (the boys are growing their hair again) and engaged in my beautiful little somethings that have become a huge fraction of my desire.





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That seemed like a nice way to end things but there was much more action to follow-Eaton Center, Nathan Phillip Square, A little bit of Queen West and a Park-all on NO nap for the walking stage children! Scary? at times but it was a good way to start my getting out more.


VOTE LEO! Vibe 98.5 Calgary's Cutest Kid Contest

CLICK HERE TO VOTE Vibe 98.5 Calgary's Cutest Kid Contest

The adorable little cowboy to the left is my nephew Leo. He recently entered Calgary's Cutest Kid Contest (YUP-all on his own he is not only cute but brilliant too)the voting is on as you are reading this. I posted the above link because I knew you would want to take a couple seconds and give him a ten on the voting scale and get in on the game. The prizes are insane and it would be neat if they won! You can also check out some of the other cuties but don't forget to vote Leo! Heck why not vote from home, school or wherever you can log on---Appreciate it! ;)

(sooooo fun!)


I am working on a few new stories and was looking to build a sounding board of friends and followers...If you like this blog or loved 'Myles the Rockstar' and are interested in providing some feedback and opinions on some of my stuff currently in the works-please email me at:




My apologies I have been caught up in a whole bunch of projects, deadlines and children! ;)

Enjoy the song that gives a pretty good summation of my last couple of weeks!

p.s. Bram Rocks!


Our Eggs



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This Easter was fun-ny...I just stuck all the pics from the weekend on the computer and guess what? I have three children but managed to only get decent shots of one-Salome Noa my lil' momma! All the ones of the other two are blurs- I don't think they were still for more then three minutes Easter Sunday-Not sure how they do it!

I guess she is the child that will disprove the "by the time you get to the youngest kid you won't be bothered with taking pictures" theory.

Thanks for hanging out with me all day girlfriend (I'm talking like you had a choice-but none the less I appreciate it!)



Write about beauty?

Recently I was asked to write a post for a series that Beautiful Images (a very local photography company) is running. It's name the 'Real Women Series' and since I am a real woman--I agreed.

I was not ready for what was to come next-my topic....write about beauty?

This is a topic that I know I have more then a few issues with. After some searching I confirmed my hypothesis but thankfully not without remedy-- I have a problem with confusing and associating "Beauty" with what's pretty, socially acceptable and or flattering.

So I have blogged about some of my findings and you can check them out by clicking the following link --if you have the time be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on the topic :)


Thanks for the opportunity Gina!




My son Aidan recently turned 6. He is convinced he is a certified "big boy" now.

His new school requires him to catch a bus to and from our home school. On this very same bus, he met a boy, a boy his age but not his size, a very cute little guy that I think could still probably wear a size 3 top comfortably even though he is 4 going on 5 (if he is not 5 already!) DO NOT BE DECEIVED THE KID IS A GENIUS...I look forward to getting to know him better and them maybe even being "best friends" in the future :)

These kids have a good time on the bus. They share stories, exchange smuggled toys, engage in some deep conversation and recently I felt as though I was partially welcomed into their world. Aidan offered me some gum after getting off the bus he said it was the hot kind (I was thinking "YES, CINNAMON!") I told him I was down for some.

When I saw it-it was the kind of thing you could catch in a Little Rascals episode or better view on the back of a Garbage Pail Kid trading card (remember those? I used to be a collector!)

He literally dug it out of his winter jacket pocket-it was cinnamon gum, a trident stick probably (I don't know the brand-it was unwrapped). It was quite small and at closer glance it was actually a half of a piece of gum broken into yet two more halves that I should call quarters, and it was covered in "pocket waste" (not quite sure how else to say it)--the smaller portion even had a hair stuck to it(I got that piece). I took a look at it and as much as I wanted to delight with my son in the gift he had received I honestly had to tell him.

"Sorry man I can't eat it, it's really gross!It's like dirty and there is hair on it-where did you get it from?"

He said his pal's name and asked politely "Can I still eat it?" I cringed for a minute and then made a very controversial decision.

"If you want to eat it Sonny you can...You're a big boy it's up to you!"

He looked at me, gave me his little half grin and popped it in his mouth and began to chew (like a happy little calf would the first time she digested her first grass meal and tasted her cud).

I'm learning to let him grow up better without me always having my way and opinion-It'll only make him stronger...right? ;)


B-Zone Magazine

Aidan brought a magazine home from school today. His little brother and big father were quite pleased that Hannah Montana graced the front page (they are huge Hoe Down Throw Down Fans!)--But he had a surprise inside.....'Myles the Rockstar!'....sooooo fun!



My Grandad and Me

We are very different my Grandad and Me.
We don’t look quite the same
But fell from the same tree.

His skins ivory-
While my skin is brownish golden.

I’m quite the young lady-
Nana says he’s an old man!

Still my Grandad and me
Are like peas in a pod.

We love reading together
And playing in the yard.

He likes to catch fish-
And I scream when I see them!

I like to wear dresses-
And he loves to see me in them.

I am a princess-
And he is a king.

He is my hero
And I am his dream.

We are very different my Grandad and Me.


The 24th of March was to be my Grandfather's 78th birthday. He passed late last year and the farther I walk the more I realize how much of my heart he was. I miss him often, and my love, respect, and admiration grow for him daily. This is a poem I wrote about us a little while after he left. It makes me stronger. :)


I wish my teacher was a blogger...

This is a fun picture that I always meant to share but kept forgetting too! This year Aidan started a new school and I have been more then impressed with what goes on at this place. My most impressive finding to date....teachers who blog about their class activities, random happenings and student life. This is a picture from one of the Grade 5 blogs--It's Aidan telling the story of 'Myles the Rockstar' He felt so special and was particularly smiley getting off the school bus that day.

"They asked me for my autograph Mom!"

I was like "Really?"

He was like "Ya!"

"How did it feel?"

"It felt really good, but I wanted to write Myles' name on their papers since the story is mostly about him!"

I love my innocent "little-big" now 6 year old.
He's awesome!


special message to my Mom to follow:

Hey Mom
You probably read this post and took in not one thing because your eyes were stuck on the hole in his pants...to answer your question of "Does he wear those pants to school?" that you asked a couple of months ago:


Check out 'Myles the Rockstar' in April's edition of Today's Parent (page 111 to be exact!)

I got my copies but that still didn't stop me from picking up one while waiting in line at Shoppers and taking a free peek--Good Times!

This whole experience has been a whole lot of fun!



Waldo & the Crew @ the Metro Zoo

It was a beautiful day. There were kids running around eating popsicles, some in shorts and t-shirts? I even saw like 5 month old in a onesie and really light sweats....hmmmm?

My daughter is the yeti in the following pics-my son is the boy dressed like Waldo with the humongous scarf on and my nice niece Ava is the darling in the rad shades. That was the crew for the day. Aidan wasn't there he was at Pioneer Village with his camp-(lucky guy gets to hang out at the Y all week long-I need some of that sweat in my life these days!) The adult supervision provided was me, Auntie Jacquie and of course Nana.

I remember going to the zoo all the time as a kid for March Break with my Nana and Grandad and whomever else could squeeze into the car. I remember the free coupons we received in our report cards. I remember it was always being freezing cold and a few images come to mind when I think back, polar bears, long freezing cold walk up "that hill" and a wonderfully brisk day spent with my sisters and cousins.

I've grown a bit since then so the hill is not as big and for some reason in my eyes the polar bears have lost their splendor. I love the zoo please don't misundertand but all the animals seem a little tired these days--like literally. Maybe I have watched too much Madagascar or something because I am by no means an animal activist or rights person at all (yet), but their lives seemed a little dare I say--drab. I wonder if it has always been like this?

Did I say it was a beautiful day for the zoo. The kids really enjoyed themselves and enjoyed seeing all the water animals enjoy themselves. Most memorable animal of the day for me were the turtles all the "exciting" other animals were taking naps. Mom said it was probably because it was so warm?....All that to say this.

The kids had a blast. They enjoyed the creatures in a casual glancing kind of way and in a strange way to my delight were more concerned about each others company and entertainment as opposed to watching Booty the monkey scratch itself(I kid you not the monkeys we saw yesterday were named Booty, Poopy and Jemma).

I learned alot from them yesterday! (the kids)

"Take this for a rule, you may pick out such times and such companies, that you may make yourselves merrier,‥for 'tis the company and not the charge [expense] that makes the feast."

[1653 I. Walton Compleat Angler iii.]

I know it was not a feast, there was not much to be eaten besides the popsicles and ring pops, the cost was free because Nana paid (thanks again!) But being with almost everyone made the day grand.

Enjoy the rest of the month and try not to let all of your mature adult observations and opinions get in the way of a rockin' good time that can be had anywhere.



p.s. Don't think I am making fun of Myles because I called him Waldo. In my opinion he is quite cool and everyone used to fight for his books when it used to rain and we were subjected to an indoor recess- just for the record.

Thanks for all the cool pictures Auntie Jacquie!

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It was almost a Horrible Day...

I was up until almost 4 a.m. with my angelic daughter last night. I'll admit there were moments that almost brought me to tears. Was she screaming her head off? Was she uncomfortable with one of those baby type mysteries that are only solved with a burp from the face or butt? Absolutely none of the above she was just being Salome-Happy and looking for a nice long cuddle, some playtime and an after midnight snack. She never does this, so for some reason I decided to entertain.

And then the morning came-like the real morning not the "night morning" that I fell asleep in came. I heard my oldest having an almost heated discussion with Derek about his Sesame Bagel and Cream Cheese and he actually woke me and SALOME!

I got up to see what was going on, Derek told me to go back to bed. I went back to bed, Derek left to drop Aidan at the school bus and then..... Myles woke up in a puddle of urine--(argh!) Bed Wetting has a tendency to drive me relatively crazy when I am my normal "rested" self but when I am going on like 3 hours of sleep it is a devastator. So my back to bed lasted about 25 minutes. I got Myles into the shower and then my salvation arrived again. He told me to go back to bed.

I got into bed, thought I couldn't sleep then it happened--OUT COLD! woke up 2 hours later.

Derek was running out the door to grab Aidan from the school bus as I sauntered out to the living room to hang out with Myles and Salome. (Jesus please help me today!)

The TV was on (one of my pet peeves especially in the morning) I looked on the table and sure enough Myles' breakfast was sitting on the table-Whole wheat toast with salted butter and strawberry jam--this is a food that is undeniable to me and I cannot understand why any human would refuse it.

"Myles eat your toast."

"My Dad didn't do it right!"

"What do you mean he didn't do it right? It's perfect.--I'll have it!"

"No I want it but he didn't do it right I wanted jam on one piece and butter on the left piece!"

The morning almost got more confusing than it had to be. I told him to bring me the toast. I devoured it and in the midst of helping him, lost sight of Salome. She only really goes two places, the mailbox on the door to slap the crap out of the medal opening or to the recycling bin that is strategically placed almost in the middle of our kitchen floor. She is a rummager (not a word) of sorts I will admit. She loves to empty/dump stuff everywhere but you gotta love her!

I picked her up, placed her gently in the ExcerSaucer, took a deep breath and began picking up empty containers of water, cream cheese, ahh... who cares, I started picking up the garbage that we call recycling then the TV started playing my song.

This song! So Myles comes over to where I was, grabbed my hand and he started jumping up and down violently-so we danced some more. Then it ended. My day felt better and I decided that the eventfulness and loudness of the morning was going to be ok! So I opened up my browser, sat down to jot this little post and played this song at least 5 times over (and counting). To think it was almost a Horrible Day in my eyes. I wonder if there is any issue in life that a great song played at full blast can't almost remedy or at least medicate?

Looking forward to the rest of the day and believing that naptime will have a whole new definition.


thanks for the awesome OUTRO CBC KIDS!


30, and still so random?

Every year around my birthday I am asked:

"So how does it feel to be ______ (insert age here)?"

Usually I say I feel the same but when I was asked yesterday after reaching the big 3-0!!!! I actually thought about the question...and my thoughts:

"I feel different--really different. A mixture of emotions and feelings a bit of depression, disillusionment, some wonder, lots of joy and a whole lot of reflection."(this seems like an interview with myself right now...hmmmmmmmmm?)

I've been told "30 is the new 20" and by my really close friends I've been welcomed to the "Dirty Thirties" all quite confusing for me and I wish I new what side to choose but I'll figure it out as I go.

It was to be the "future" by now I should have a flying car, food flavored capsules for breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course have one of those cool dresses that the charming Jetson ladies wore (mine was to be much like Judy's!)

But NO, NO, NO! the name of this game is reality and at times at least to the common person it may seem to suck a little-Why you ask?

~I have an Accord (nice ride but --it does not fly!)

~the closest I get to capsules for mealtimes is Slim-Fast bars (for the record I gave up on those years ago)

~"Fly" dresses?---6 out of 7 days of the week you can catch me in my standard wardrobe-jeans and a hoodie. (on second thought after my three lovely children I would probably opt for Mr. Spacely's wife's dress)

It's been a long run of a year with many downs and ups, at times it has felt like an unwelcome but much needed reality check-I am accepting it as a kind of passage into TRUE adulthood or something? I'm learning better to be thankful with my growing experiences, taking life one day at a time and enjoying it the best way I know how.

I'm almost sure I'm happy to be 30, thankful for my neat little children, my peace husband, my loving famillia, my wonderful friends, our health and future.

Don't know really what else to say sooooo....



I apologize if this is your first visit to the blog- I actually post some good stuff on here (at least I have been told) I just had to stick this post up because writing helps me breathe.

This song always takes me back ;)


The Sole Project-A Family Affair...


You may remember back in February my post about a local organization Three Fold Ministries that I had come across through my local church that was running an initiative called “The Sole Project”. They were collecting lightly used shoes and clothing to send overseas to Haiti in response to the devastation that occurred after the earthquake in hopes to help out some of the people that were left in great need. I actually got a chance to converse with the Williamson-Bynoe Family-Robb, Sara, Caleb and Eden the people who are responsible for making this drive happen and I was ecstatic to find out that this project was indeed a family affair and an absolute labor of love.


My Name is Salome

My Name is Salo-ME

Not Salo-MAY

It's easy to say, just practice with me,


Not close to Salami, nor Bologna- No Meat!



simply put it means peace.

Now take a deep breath, and with me recite


--See you did alright!

My name is Salome and I'm in your class
and these are my friends Keicha, Siobhan and Atish.


Just a fun poem about the wonderful world of classroom attendance and a cute little kindergartner who has heard her mother say her name over and over and over again when introducing her at the park, grocery store and other random places.

If you like this piece please feel free to share it-all I ask is that you let people know where you got it from.


Still in Scarborough?

A couple of days ago Myles and Aidan were colouring- I was in the room getting Salome ready and I could hear these two in some pretty intense conversation:

"Should there be three bedrooms or four Myles?"


"Where do you want yours?"

"Right There!"


So I come out to the living room because I am pretty interested to see what these guys are doing and it looks as though they decided to ditch the coloring books yet again and relieve the printer of all its reserves- nothing like fresh white paper!

"What are you doing guys?" I asked.

"We're drawing!" says Aidan.

"What are you guys drawing?" (me again)

"It's a blueprint Mom!--I am making a blueprint for my Dad so he can build this house for us!" (he answered me with a relatively concerned look on his face that totally was saying, why don't you think about my creations before you ask-it's quite obvious-I drew it with a blue marker!)

We live in a mid-sized apartment building on a very busy street in Toronto. We take walks to the park, ride the rocket and scare pigeons in our free time. On any given day you can taste the nations of the world by stepping into the hallway or just sitting in the lobby and watching everybody come and go. (Sorry can't quite explain it in this post.)

I remember meeting an old acquaintance of mine a while back who had recently moved to....I think Whitby--they asked me "Are you still in Scarborough?" and I answered "Yup still in Scarborough!" in a contemplative voice. After that random meeting and inquiry I was a bit disturbed by both question and response. Was I really STILL in Scarborough???????

I felt like someone had pronounced some kind of bad vibed sentence over my life. Depending on the way you look at it-I am one of those arguably ignorant people who have not yet acquired a mortgage and joined the mass exodus from my peer group with young families to the Suburbs or maybe I'm just someone who likes it here and appreciates the rich experiences she had growing up in the city and thinks it's right that her kids experience the same things (to a certain extent!) ;) Derek says it best and says it often "just get in, where you fit in!" and I have to agree--I think this city, for this season is our "in"!

So Aidan back to your blueprint--We're on it big guy!--it just may take a little longer than expected-we're gonna build your place
--in Scarborough.


Boys and Reading: Tips for Making Reading “Boy-Friendly” : The Childrens Book Review

I was talking with a friend of mine about a month back and she asked me if I had difficulty with getting my boys to read.  I didn't really have an answer for the question because I didn't remember the issue ever coming up and am not 100% sure I ever really identified with her inquiry as an issue--I thought nothing of it but then I began to watch them, times when I actually offered them books or a simple story time especially during the days light and guess what I found...


B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Back and it's Family Day!

So we are back online hooray!

So it's family day and my whole house is still in bed?????????????????? We went to a midnight soccer game last night at the Hangar (Downsview Park) and I must say it was quite the outing. We made our presence known at the venue by a larger than life christening of the floor with an upchucking accident and then of course the younger boy had to go poop-but once those festivities were done and the stands were near empty with only one other parent there with a child under 3 months --we decided to stay and watch the game.

It was fun...LATE...but a really good time. Nyika's (a very very good family friend)team won and Aidan was very proud for that. Myles was a tad bit dis functional and unimpressed with the soccer display until the game was done and they were given the ball and they were allowed to assume their beloved positions of striker and goalie on the turf.

I love to watch them play! I am especially fascinated with Myles he is quite a little guy, wears glasses and regularly doesn't like to get bumped or pushed by anything, he almost often walks into walls and other objects and gives them quite the tongue lashing when this does happen- but he loves it when his big brother kicks the ball at him. (Can't quite figure it out yet!)



My computer has been violated!

This week my posts will be less than frequent-I'll be back online by the end of the week!




My Dilemma:Ever since the earthquake I have been wanting to give a significant gift to Haiti. I haven't been in a place where I've been able to give a lot financially but my desire has been to do something --I just was not sure what...