We're Growing Up?

I know, right?

I'm not sure I fully understand it either but am committed to the process.

For those who have been on this journey (life) with us thank you!

I think it is the right time to pick up a steady write again.

Thank you for always asking me for the next update and what's coming down the pipe.

Thanks for encouraging me to keep writing...

Let's get it!

We'll probably start with some catch up...we have had some big wins and experiences over the last two years and this is the best place to recap and share them.

As always leave a comment or a question...or hit me on FB or Twitter...I always hollaback but at the same time #aintnohollabackgirl.  (Sorry if you didn't get that!)

All Love,


chit chat

Kid working on book report. 

Task- Creative review question says take a passage from the book and create a quiz for your classmates

Panic ensues 

Kid:  "How will everyone even get to read this passage Mom?"

Mother:  "Your teacher will copy it or put it on the Smart Board!"

Kid:  "I can't do this Mom!...what about copyrights?"

Mother thinks to self...We need a dog😵😖

(this statement is filled with way too many first world problems)

and on second thought it would have been an amazingly huge issue if we possessed a dog that consumed  a computer.



I got to celebrate International Women's Day 2016  year with my little girl, one of my sisters and a new friend. 

Here's some media and some of my daughter's thoughts on what we did and why it is important to stand.

"I went to a march and I marched yesterday with my Auntie and my Mom, because women are missing, someone is taking them and no one is looking for them and people need to!

People don't always treat women and girls fair and we need to fight them...with our marching and our words!"

Salome aka #youngrosa ;)

Six is the new number for awareness right?

we marched.

we selfied.

we tired ourselves out

we ate...we celebrated.


Still no words.

genius Andrew Craig and My
So I've been trying to figure out how to pose this one.

Still no words.

Here are some of the happenings in video and images from The King's Playlist

YouTube Shares and rehearsal video.

It was a day for the books filled and inspired by  world class talent, movement, activism and sound.

This was an opportunity I am sure he will remember forever.

Removing Funny Bones Before Dance Practice (in slow motion of course)

The morning of the call....MICROPHONE CHECK...1,2...What is This?
One of the highlights of my day. 

I asked my middle big son what his favorite part of the show and he said it was mostly amazing but there was one part that he did not like....Molly Johnson...."I just wasn't sure, it just gave me this feeling"

I congratulated him on feeling.  Let him know that it was more than likely his favourite but he'd understand it later in his life.

Bravo Molly!

when your big brother is your #bestie and you are coincidentally also his number 1 fan

I'm not sure how ready you are for this next one, 
He grabbed Salome...that's our jam!
check for this man!

Ohhhhhh and these two Kings...at rehearsal the night before!

It was kinda like a big day!

Awe Factor (it was beautiful)

#kings #joy #life

CREW! (that's Melissa Noventa #checkforher)

An amazing experience....and thanks sooo much for these last three images Jeremyah Gibbons they are pretty much magic!


Level Up!

This is his first time responding to a call for dancers.

This is his first time getting selected.

This is his first time going to 2 and 2.5 hour long rehearsals.

This is his first time getting cheesed when everyone is chilling on a Sunday night and he has to pack a snack and a drink and hit the road.

The hardest part is the initial separation from the other chillers, but as soon as we get a block or two from the studio. 

His air and mindset changes.

Lighter, Stronger, Higher.

The initial separation from all things comfortable, is confronted by the bigger man.

Staring down his anxiety and objections to change...I learn how to embrace the unfavourable processes that we enlist ourselves in because we somehow understand our need for what's next and our destiny to quench the thirst the Level UP!

You're invited.


Indigo Yonge & Eglinton Poetry Slam!!! (Event)

I know you are into your kids growing in their personal literacy journey and the arts.

Last year I had the opportunity of performing and judging at a Poetry Slam at the Indigo in Scarborough. This year it's happening again...I'm all in, mostly because all of the kids involved had an amazing time and watching the participants was transformational for all of them and personally me.

Just wanted to extend the invitation for you to invite your kids to get in on this fun and unique experience...in Toronto!



Get It?

I feel like life will drastically change once we get this.

Lately I've been trying to get this.

I feel like my kids get it, I make it a habit to watch and mimic their drive regularly.

I'm still trying to get this.

I've been away for a minute but thanks for reading!  I'm believing for myself and my family this year that we are about to grab some mountains.  That may sound a little advantageous but...so be it.

The last two years have been mind altering for myself on a personal level just dealing what we can safely call "life"  maybe I'll get into it a little more this year on the blog...

This post was not well planned but....we good!

January 30th?

Writers take your mark,
Get Set,
GO Dog GO!

This post has been brought to you by The Letter S(euss) and me Christine Jordan.

Let's Get IT!



Earlier this evening I told my daughter she was grounded from all TV. 

She turned around and looked at me (brazen)..."I don't care Mom! I watch TV all day in my head and there is a Movie Theatre in my dreams!"

Well played daughter, well played!

Five years old, eh?

Please feel free to insert parenting advice below! ;)


She knows Santas!

She knows he's not Santa...he only works for the real one!

When he asked her if she had hockey earlier that day...she looked at me like....How'd he know that?!!?

Then he asked what she wanted for Christmas...

She told him "It's a secret!"



On Bedtimes and Chicken Balls

I feel like bedtime is the occasion where the most random questions are asked, confessions are made and they start to let go of today and brace themselves for sleep and one thousand tomorrows.

click this link for more info on chicken balls - Wikipedia
Myles: What are chicken balls made of?

Me: What do they look like Myles?

Myles: Good!

I'm guessing they've started health at school and it's a given every day in September is a pretty long one.

Don't you think?  



First Days!

I've had a good handful of "first days".

Do you remember...

The horrors?
The pleasures?
The knots in your tummy?
The hopes?
The fears?

Me either...well maybe!

My kids were up all night - the night before this "first day"...They couldn't sleep because of all of the afore mentioned and then some.

They were thirsty, they were hungry, they forgot to pack their summer borrowed books and would surely forget them in the morning...one couldn't sleep because he had a ton of questions that he needed to have answered.  The last one I recalled was...

"Mom last question...what year was the movie Rapunzel released?"

"Honestly...have we ever seen Rapunzel?"

"No...but I was just wondering..."

I'm hoping they enjoy this next year as much as you do with you and yours whether it is full of first days or not!